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Frequently asked questions

Many factors can change everything about your hardwood flooring experience. From species type and stain color to format and finish style, there are lots of personalizations that you can make to create a look of your own. We know you have questions, and we want to offer this list of frequently asked questions to help you decide on the perfect options.

Frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring


Which hardwood species is best?

There’s no way to give a good answer to this question without first understanding your preferences and requirements for your home. The species that serves you best will cater to your needs for durability, color, installation process, and lifespan, so visit us today to get the process started.

Can you float solid wood flooring?

Some would answer this question with a yes or a maybe, but we do not recommend that you float solid wood. The expansion and contraction can create a less than perfect floor covering, marring the appearance and shortening the lifespan.

Which species take stain colors best?

Oak, Chestnut, and Ash take stains very well, with beautiful results, while Maple and Birch do not. Species like mahogany or cherry look good enough on their own that they only require a transparent stain for the best results.

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Does hardwood require an underlayment?

Certain circumstances could warrant an underlayment of some kind, especially about subflooring and groundwater issues. To find out if you will need underlayment for your chosen flooring, be sure to come in to speak with a flooring professional.

What are the advantages of engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a perfect option for below-grade installation because solid wood is not an option in these areas. Engineered wood stands up well to moisture, humidity, dampness, and temperature changes for gorgeous floors that last for many years.

Can engineered wood be floated?

Yes, engineered wood is an excellent choice for a floating floor and can even be installed over various subfloor materials or existing flooring. To find out the details, ask about underlayment requirements, or find out more, be sure to visit us today.

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