Carpet FAQs

Choosing carpet is an exciting adventure for most homeowners, especially since this floor covering offers many added advantages and characteristics. But finding your best match amidst such an array of options can be daunting, and we know you have a lot of questions. Here are some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for your consideration.

Frequently asked questions about carpet

Can I skip the underpadding to save a few dollars?
We understand it’s tempting to skip the padding, to save both time and money, but we strongly advise you do not. Good padding not only adds comfort to your flooring but can prevent balding, bunching, and premature end of life.

What is the best carpet fiber?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best fiber will depend significantly on your specific requirements and preferences. For all-around appearance and durability, nylon and polyester are excellent choices, but wool is often a top pick for its beautiful color and striking elegance.

ow long will my carpet last?
Some require replacement after about five years, especially in a busy household, while others can provide more than fifteen years of life with proper maintenance. Some carpeting offers added advantages that come sometimes give a longer lifespan, and your flooring associate will be able to provide more information as you shop.

How often should I clean my carpet?
In areas with heavy foot traffic, it’s essential to vacuum daily and a couple of times a week in lower-traffic spaces. Professional cleaning should be scheduled once every twelve to eighteen months or as dictated by your lifestyle and needs. Be sure to spot clean as necessary, as soon after the spill as possible, and with a recommended cleaning solution.

After a professional cleaning, how long will it take my carpets to dry?
Your floors could take between 6 and 24 hours to dry, depending on factors such as humidity, indoor temperature, air circulation, and type of flooring. We can better answer this question once we speak with you about your specific project.

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